Texas Collecting Guides

The state of Texas offers an extremely broad range of possibilities for philatelists desiring to dabble in postal history. The following list identifies a few broad categories, and some suggestions for specialization, but many other similar topics exist.
Communities – by County/Region, by Origin (lumber, stagecoach, oil, immigrant group).
Eras – Spanish/Mexican, Republic, Civil War, Reconstruction, New Deal.
Cancels – Flags and other Machine cancels, Doanes, Rural free delivery, Distinctive postmarks.
Topicals – Stamps on cover – Alamo stamps, the Texas Centennial issue, Columbians used in Texas.
Military – Western forts, the Pancho Villa expedition, WW1 & WW2 bases, POW camps.
Mobile Post Offices – First flights, Railroad post offices, Overland mail, Route 66.
Advertising – Hotels, Banks, Land developers, Ranches.
Events – NASA space launches, Airport dedications, Stamp shows, Post office last day covers.
With this series of Collecting Guides, we hope to introduce collectors, both new and experienced, to some ways to expand their collections beyond the basic stamps. Our hope is to briefly explore, with members and visitors alike, some of these intriguing collecting possibilities. We hope too that other TPA members will help out with these subjects and/or, with the template provided, share their own collecting interests.

10/24/2021Introduction to Collecting Guides
10/24/2021Depression Four-Bar Cancellations on Cover
10/24/2021Doane Cancellations on Cover
10/24/2021Wheel of Fortune Postmarks