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The Texas Philatelic Association’s purpose is to encourage the collecting of postage stamps and the study of Bicentennial postal history; to accumulate and disseminate philatelic materials; and to provide grants to philatelic authors and students. More than 300 members help to achieve these objectives.

The TPA became lifetime chapter #0632-049588 of the American Philatelic Society in 1966. Its affiliate, The Texas Philatelic Association Foundation, was established in 1975 as a tax-exempt entity to help better achieve the TPA goal of encouraging philatelic study and research. In 2017, the TPA and the Foundation were combined into one organization as the Texas Philatelic Association Foundation and the Texas Postal History Society became a Life member.  The journals of each group were combined into one. 

The TPA is associated with the Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library at the University of Texas at Dallas, which is the repository for the TPA archives and is considered one of the finest philatelic libraries in the nation.

Members of the organization enjoy a number of benefits, including a subscription to the Journal of Texas Philately & Postal History, the organization’s official publication; and an  online membership directory that allows members having similar philatelic interests to contact each other. The TPA also has a well-established awards program which recognizes individuals for service to the organization and philately in general.

TPA’s Early Years

The idea for an organization of stamp collectors in Texas was first presented in 1896. The TPA  Committee for Organization, which included Edward W. Heusinger, Joseph A. Mueller and Julius Jermy, met with the Metropolitan Philatelic Club of San Antonio on November 13, 1896. They voted for Frederic Noyes as president and H.G. Askew and T.W. Robinson as vice presidents. The first annual convention was scheduled to be held April 21, 1897 in San Antonio. The first TPA publication was the Official Bulletin (1896). The TPA has had a host of other official publications, including Lone Star State Philatelist, the Collector’s Gazette, the Philatelic Gossip, Stamp-Itis, The Texas Philatelist, and the current publication.