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The editor of the Journal of Texas Philately and Postal History is a native Australian who lives in the tip top of the State of Maine. Now keep calm, Robert Conley knows his stuff – he’s currently the editor of two philatelic publications and is a serious philatelist. He took over from Tom Koch, whose final issue as editor was the November 2018 issue.

Conley wrote the Pennsylvania Local Real Estate Transfer Tax Stamps Catalog which won a vermeil at Chicagopex. Most importantly for TPA members though, is that he is already editor of two journals: The State Revenue Society NEWS and the United States Cancellation Club News. He is also the SRS Auction Manager. He is a member of the American Revenue Association and Hawaiian Philatelic Society.
He spent his first 48 years in Australia and came to America after the miracle of finding his future wife through Ancestry.com, of all things. “No, we are not long-lost cousins,” he said, “One of my great grandparent’s brothers married one of Heather’s great grandparent’s sisters in Wales in 1865!  So no blood connection there.”

They chose to settle in rural Glenburn, Maine, just north of Bangor, where, as Robert says, “We’ve enjoyed five years of wedded bliss.”  He admits he has been to Texas a couple of times. “I grew up in a state much like Texas . . . big, hot, conservative, decentralized, rich with natural resources, and most of all, better than the rest of the country. I get it!” he said.

Robert is a retired corporate banker and currently serves as a cashier for a tractor supply company.
The current leaders of the TPA have suggested that Robert to run for one of the new Director’s positions. You can see more about him in the candidate profiles on page 10. You will want to keep his email through which to file stories – texaspaeditor@yahoo.com.



Per the new bylaws approved by the TPA Foundation (TPAF) in late 2017, six new Directors  were elected beginning in 2019. The bylaws are available on the TPA website, www.texasstamps.org. The Directors serve staggered terms. Two directors will be up for election every year beginning in 2020.The Directors will select the new TPAF officers from among themselves. There will be no association-wide election for president, vice president, etc.

The deadline for voting is Dec. 15, 2019.  A ballot will be included in the November Journal. A space has been provided for anyone who wishes to submit a write-in candidate or candidates. You must specify the term the write-in candidate is seeking – 1, 2 or 3 years. A copy of the ballot or your own written ballot can be sent mailed or emailed to Secretary-Treasurer Darryl Metting, PO Box 285, Shiner, TX 77984-0285 before the deadline of Dec. 15, 2019. You can send your selections directly to Darryl via email at ihred@yahoo.com.

The new bylaws of the TPAF appeared in the November 2017 issue of The Texas Philatelist. You may also find a pdf of the bylaws under the “About Us” header.

The Directors elected will choose a President and Vice President from among themselves. Those who hold the appointed positions of Secretary/Treasurer, Journal Editor or Website Coordinator may elect to run for the Board if they wish to have a vote but they do not have to. A list of candidates and their biographies will appear in the November issue of the Journal of Texas Philately & Postal History. Again, the deadline for the receipt of votes for all candidates is Dec. 15, 2019.


TPA members are welcome to submit news and feature stories about stamps and postal history. Items submitted qualify for one of two cash prizes or both. The Leon Forcheimer Literature Award has been presented by the TPA for many years to the author of the best annual article in  the Journal of Texas Philately and Postal History.  The winner receives a $50 cash prize and certificate and recognition in the publication. In 2015 the Texas Postal History Society began the Gene Gaddy Literature Award for the best annual article in The Texas Postal History Society Journal that also carries a cash prize and certificate. Now that the two groups have merged their publications, the Gaddy prize will also be awarded to the best annual Texas postal history story in The Journal of Texas Philately and Postal History. It offers a $50 cash prize and certificate. It is possible that the same article can win both prizes in a single year. So submit your stories to the Journal editor to have a chance at getting your story published and possibly receiving an award! The current editor is Robert Conley at texaspaeditor@yahoo.com.


Past-President John Germann has been working on the Digitization Project with the Wineburgh Philatelic Research Library at The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas. The Wineburgh is the home of the TPA Archives. The finding aid to the records is located at http://www.utdallas.edu/library/specialcollections/tpa.html. It is titled “Guide to the Texas Philatelic Association, Inc. Records, 1896-2006 W061-07.” The current project is an effort to digitize the historic earliest philatelic publications in Texas that includes the Texas Philatelic Association’s first newsletters. The long term goal is to have a complete run of The Texas Philatelist issues available online through the Wineburgh Library by way of a grant.


Greg Cain is now handling the Chapters in Action report in each copy of The Texas Philatelist. Please send him copies of your newsletter by regular mail or pdf by email. You can also simply offer Greg a summary of your quarterly activities.  Deadlines are about a month before the publication month. Contact Greg at greg.cain@comcast.net or Greg Cain, 1926 Brimbery St., Houston TX 77018-1730. We appreciate receiving your reports to show the membership a summary of your activities and news.